Other occasions

Candles for all occasions

Artistically decorated ornamental candles are a unique and expressive memento on important and commemorative days. In addition to church festivals such as baptisms, weddings and Communion this also includes other occasions at which the warm candlelight is not only to impart festivity and pleasure but also consolation and assurance. Candles create a special atmosphere on many occasions.

Our range comprises:

  • stylish birthday and anniversary candles
  • society candles with coats of arms, lettering or the logo
  • give-away candles as a table decoration or as a gift for guests
  • religiously ornamented candles on the occasion or a deacon or priest ordination or as devotional candles
  • classically decorated Advent and Christmas candles for an advent mood
  • candles with individually designed sliding labels
  • all kinds of special designs
  • death candles

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Give-away & Outdoor candles