Expanding our Production Facilities

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In order to remain providing top quality as your manufacturer we adhere to state of art – not only in the field of engineering techniques.

Thanks to a close cooperation with the market, we are in the position to identify occurring problems early in time and develop suitable concepts and solutions. Concrete inquiries are not “encountered” at a “Zero-State”, but are concretely attended to with first ideas or initial state of solutions!

You as a manufacturer save valuable time any new development generally may require. We immediately upgrade in your interest and ensure that your products are available at the market rapidly, offering optimized flame performance.

However, every manufacturer produces differently. A good reason for us to adapt our wicks, customized to each of our customers´ demands. During the development process, we emphasize on an all-encompassing communication and a constructive feedback.


Customer Satisfaction – an absolute priority at Schreiber!

Our reason to invest in further braiding techniques is for you to obtain wicks that are produced with a state-of-art production line. We have already been implementing a further novum in braiding technique in our production process since last year. By adding new braiding techniques, we are in the position to cover a broader spectrum of wicks and (even) more braiding-variations and tests!

The more diversity in braiding we provide, the more customized perfection for your wick is achieved!

Additionally, we work with the state-of-art reeling technique for your yarns and finished wicks.


Our production capacity will be increased in the future, in order to provide you with the perfectly matching wick as well as the required amount within an even shorter delivery time!

Our main strive: Keeping an eye on the future, developing current processes – all to ensure the best of flame performance for your candle.

Our continuous and close cooperation with the market facilitates a permanent optimization of a diversity of wicks for us. Owing to your feedback we are in the position to identify problems early in time and to find appropriate solutions.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to remain technically state-of-art. Novum in machinery and wide-range of know-how, gained from years of experience, guarantee that you as a manufacturer profit from our high-quality wicks!

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