Fragrance Candles as a Challenge

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As fragrance candles are mainly burned in smaller vessels, i.e. glass jars, specific demands arise for the wick. Higher amounts of liquid fuel mass require a wick that is – first of all – able to convince with a well-adapted stability of the candle – but this is not all.

The proper preparation of the wick is of essential significance for an optimized flame performance. Unfortunately, the latter is all too often neglected.


So, just leave the `topic wicks´ all up to us – your Schreiber´s expert team!


During recent months, large amounts of fragrance candles have been tested in our flame-testing lab and we have come to this following realization:

Observing the flame performance of fragrance candles ( i.e. in a glass jar) over a period of several hours; we could find that within the first 30 min the candles were burning with a pretty flame and an even curvature of the wick. However, after approximately one hour the curvature of the wick literally fades burned out, keeping the wick almost in straight up position, depending on the amount of fragrance or color the fuel mass may contain.

Consequence are:
Either the flame reduces to a minimum or slug formations occur. Neither one is actually satisfactory. We have observed, that exactly this phenomenon occurs increasingly among candles containing a higher portion on fragrance.


But why does the curvature fade, burning out?

As experts in this field we are convinced that some fragrances react like stearin. This means that the implemented fragrance oils react similar as the acids of stearin, lowering the quality of the flame performance. Thanks to specific braiding techniques and further preparation of the wick we are able to counteract!

Please note:
Each manufacturer uses different types of wax materials, fragrances and/or a variety of colors as well as a diversity of fragrance quota. We know how to “beat” this challenge – being specialists in wick production; we consider manifold aspects of the candles´ components and develop a suitable wick accordingly.

As we produce for each and every customer and his product a suitable wick; none of the manufacturers have to tolerate any curtailments regarding the flame performance. We deliver highest quality to each of our customers.
We test your samples with a diversity of variations of our own wicks, braid completely new wicks – and keep fine-tuning until we have achieved a precision composition of all parameters until we have found the desired flame performance!


An important consideration besides regarding the type of wax, fragrance, color or the amount of fragrance we have found a further decisive component that affects the wick and therefore the flame performance – all in all it affects the type of candle itself. Diverse type of glass vessels or rather the size of the jars also have a decisive influence on the wick and therefore the flame performance as well. Hence, of utmost importance is that for the variety of diameters also the according diverse sizes of wicks are provided for, in order to achieve the desired flame image/flame performance.


Summarizing, the wick should fulfil following requirements:

  • Ideal stability
  • Ideal preparation for its protection
  • Tailor made for the implemented wax
  • Tailor made for the implemented color
  • Tailor made for the implemented fragrance oils
  • Tailor made for the amount of fragrance oil


Your “Schreiber-Specialists” love to support you!