New Developments for Altar Candles

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We operate close to the market and have therefore found out that altar candles are increasingly compression molded; for economic reasons. We have adapted to this trend of production process and have developed a novelty, a versatile wick!


The result is a great achievement of a wick for an altar candle that is easily implementable within a diameter range from 50 to 80 mm; and herewith have covered a major bandwidth.


Your advantage:

  1. easy ordering: You need to order one type only
  2. shorter delivery and production time
  3. lower storage costs: fewer wick reels on stock, lower capital tie-up
  4. time savings: Converting altar candles into another diameter – without any need to change the type of wick!


A Lead to Indicate Quality:
How to recognize high quality as a purchaser

We know from experience that there are some differences among wax materials for altar candles. In particular beeswax candles show remarkable quality differences; due to the origin of the raw materials. Well, unfortunately you can´t distinguish good or bad quality on first sight.

This actually is only revealed while burning the candle. Here the wick makes the difference. High quality attributes are only recognizable upon below listed indications:

  • An even curvature (e.g. not too steep nor too contorted)
  • An even burn
  • No visible sooting
  • A well-built wax pool
  • No wax-dripping candles

Low quality candles do not burn evenly and drip heavily.

Those unpleasant side effects are appreciated neither at church nor in private households.

So – trust in quality!


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