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Current Achievements of Successful Developments

Best case-examples of the past weeks and months are proof of which issues we master while developing wicks and what our subsequent results look like;


Optimizing Flat Wicks: Increase of Flame-Duration

Our customer was looking for a possibility to increase the duration of flame for his candles. We have achieved to maintain the height of the flame of 14-15mm, at the same time heighten the flame duration by 5% – only possible due to versatile adaptions and sensitive modifications at the machine-setting as well as fine-tuning of the yarns. Additionally, the burning time of this candle is nearly constant.

This result proofs that we have been able to implement our customer´s demand by 100%!

Memorial Candles: Optimized Flame-Results

In this case our customer entrusted us with the task to optimize these wicks for his memorial candles to achieve an improved flame-result and we have reached our target by a diversity of tests and adaptions; establishing an optimized flame result. It comes to show, that this candle now burns consistently; whereas here, the biggest challenge had been to achieve a consistent flame conduct during cold temperaturesmaintaining a consistent material consumption. This “test” we have passed successfully as well!

 Optimized Wick-Curvature

Another customer´s request was the development or rather optimizing the wicks of his candles that so far had been furbished with an insufficient curvature in the wick.
This customer had been implementing a stearin-mixture, which was not very satisfactory for him concerning the flame results.
We therefore conducted a vast range of burning-tests, using our wicks in combination with our customer´s candles.
The “finals” of this development-process turned out to be a real success – having found an adjustment to an optimized wick-curvature, successfully realizing our customer´s requirements.