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The importance of a highly tear-resistant wick

Did you know that in particular very delicate wicks quite often tear unnoticed?

If the wick is required to be very delicately stringed (i.e. tea candles) and only a few threads are allowed; the strain during production process (traction force, acids) can not be borne – so, the thread tears. The obvious consequence; the wick tears during production process, causing a temporary production down time – this is very costly; consuming too much time, straining nerves and mainly increasing your costs!

AWARE OF TEAR: even though the outer thread seems to have borne the strain of processing – the inner thread may have been torn during the production process – it is just not noticeable at first glance.

One of the indicators of a torn wick may be that it protrudes out of the candle atilt. Due to the sub optimized position of the wick, the candle may leak or the flame is smaller than actually envisioned. In order to prevent those problems and to guarantee a tear free and high-bearing wick we implement stronger cotton threads and adapt the braiding as well as the order of the threads into an ideal composition. Our wicks are of such superior quality and of refined workmanship; that even with a low thread count the stability of the wick is guaranteed.


Advantages of high value wicks:

  • Assurance of a smooth production – no production down time due to torn wicks
  • No- B-quality goods – superior quality produce higher sales margins
  • Optimized combustion results
  • Satisfied customers
  • No complaint expenditures