Wick development

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Are you unhappy with the combustion results of your candles? Would you prefer to lower production costs upon implementing a different mixing ratio?

Contact us! We develop the perfect wick for you – in joint efforts with you!

We conduct diverse burning tests in our own combustion chamber, by testing our wicks in combination with your candle assortment. With our sophisticated system, we  are able to simulate i.e. air movements or very low temperatures to find the optimized combustion results according to your specific requirements in regards to the planned application area of your candles.


That´s how it works:

  1. You send in your finished products and provide us with all details in regards to your demands; Combustion performance, burning period, burning result, planned application area of your candles
  2. Subsequently, we clarify all important issues; which type of wick is most suitable? Perhaps a round wick or flat-roving wick? Which type of yarn is implemented? etc.
    Info: We are also able to integrate your specific raw material or raw material mix of several types of wax assortments into our development of the perfect wicks for you!
  3. As soon as all requirements are clarified, we start our combustion tests; we replace the (originally) implemented wicks with our sample wicks. The candle is lid and the combustion parameters are observed. After approx. one hour we recognize if this particular wick is suitable or not, or if we are actually working into the right direction. We continue testing all parameters until the requested results have been achieved and the most suitable wick has been developed for you. This test phase usually takes about 2-4 weeks for rather undemanding developments. For more sophisticated developments we may require 2-3 months – depending on the implemented materials that are to processed according to common standards or if you have a customized product in mind.


Your advantage in cooperating with us:

  • We provide our support until all combustion results meet your expectations
  • Superior quality provides higher sales margins
  • Establishment in this candle market is fought for aggressively. Due to our superior quality wicks in your products; you are penetrating this tough market with a real sales booster!
  • We are your contact partner for all your concerns. We take everything into consideration – even if it doesn´t concern the wick only!