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Speed is “picking up” – more Novelties and Individual Solutions!

Being your supplier, we remain up-to-date “not only” in the field of mechanical engineering but we ensure to maintain supreme quality for you as well!

Particularly, in the field of wick-developments; a continuous advancement of products and processes as well as permanent research are of utmost importance.


“Standard” – an “Old Story”
Today´s Key to Success: Customized Solutions

The days of producing standardized wicks have long gone! Parameters for wick developments are under permanent transition; each customer has his own formula, the mixtures are constantly adapted, each manufacturer produces differently, new processes and innovative materials are being implemented!

Based on permanent variables of raw materials and mixing ratio, the specific demands of customers are meant to be adapted to afresh.

Offering a standard range of products with patented solutions; definitely – are not sufficient. Instead, a broad range of parameters have to be individually attuned- and adjusted to with highest precision-criteria to find the most suitable solution.

“Fine-Tuning” and Constructive Communication

Hence, cooperation with our customers has modified;

We cooperate in close consultation with our customers and provide highly individual counselling – the only way to provide maximum benefits.

Prerequisite for a good coordination with supreme results is, i.e. that our customers hand in product samples. On behalf of diverse flame tests and the according pre-adjustments, we can detect the perfect wick-variation for you!

After this assessment; we offer our customer a choice of wicks. Quite important – as naturally, our wick doesn´t undergo the same processes during the development phase as later-on, during the production at the customers´ plant, which may cause a bit of “a hick-up” – that however, allows careful tarring, by us recommending the optimized wick. 

Increasing Demands – uncountable Wick-Modifications 

High customer satisfaction is mainly indicated by the steady increase of demand:

Throughout the past 12 months, we therefore have achieved, on average, one complete development-novum per month; whereas 5 years ago it amounted to 2-4 new developments per year!

The more wicks we develop, the more expertise we can offer you in our portfolio; uncountable, increasingly individually adapted modifications in our range of new wicks  that precisely suit your purpose! 

Wouldn`t you as well, fancy to profit from our extensive know-how, evoked by long years of experience?

Feel free to contact us!